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Menu of Refreshing Drinks and Shots

The fun never ends at Mesquites Bar & Grill! Stop by today and check out our full line of specialty drinks and shots as well as our full selection of domestic and imported beer.


Whether you're a connoisseur of classic cocktails, a fan of craft beer, or in the mood for something a little lighter, we have something for you. Gather your friends, grab some drinks, and get ready for the great times to begin!

Liquor and bartending services are available off-site. Call today for details.


Blue Hawaiian - (coco rum, pineapple, blue c)

O Baby - (bacardi, oj, red bull)

Amaretto Sour - (amaretto, s & s, splash oj)

Whiskey Sour - (bourbon, s & s)

Mimosa - (champagne, oj)

Sex on the Beach - (rum, cranberry, pineapple, oj, peach)

Tequila Sunrise - (tequila, oj, sink grenadine)


Open late every night of the week

Daily Drink Specials

You may have thought our everyday low prices were hard to beat, but somehow we've managed to do just that! Check out our amazing daily drink specials and save big!

Whether you're grabbing a quick drink or catching the game, stop in at 2419 Broadway for great drinks in a warm and welcoming environment.

Screw Driver - (vodka, oj)

Liquid Cocaine - (crème de cocoa, coco rum, milk)

Mind Eraser - (vodka, kamora, soda)

Fuzzy Navel - (peach, oj)

Colorado Bulldog - (vodka, kamora, milk, coke)

White Russian - (vodka, kamora, milk)

Specialty Drinks

Liquid Marijuana - (captain morgan, coco rum, melon

pineapple, s & s, blue c.)

Bloody Mary - (vodka, tomato juice, zing zang, pepper olive, lime)

Vegas Bomb - (coco rum, bourbon, peach, red bull)

Pickle Dix - (vodka, pickle juice)

Royal F@ck - (crown, peach, cranberry)

Water Moccasin - (bourbon, triple sec., sweet & sour)

Jager Bomb - (jager, red bull)

Cheap F@ck - (royal f@ck, no crown, bourbon)

Long Island Tea - (vodka, rum, triple sec., s & s coke)

Washington Apple - (bourbon, apple, cranberry)

Kamikaze - (vodka, triple sec., s & s)

Margarita on the Rocks - (tequila, triple sec., s & s)

Red Headed Sl@t - (jager, peach, cranberry)

Starburst - (vodka, watermelon, s & s)

Under Current - (vodka, blue C., raspberry)

Best Damn Shots

Lemon Drop - (sugar rum, squeeze lemon, vodka, s & s)

Jolly Rancher - (vodka, watermelon, s & s)

Buttery Nipple - (butterscotch, Irish cream)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch - (fireball, rumchata)

Star F@cker - (bourbon, watermelon, red bull)

DP Shootout - (vodka, amaretto, coke)

Pineapple Upside Down - (vodka, triple sec., pineapple)